20 Minute


In the initial consultation you'll meet with Shawna to get all of your questions answered and learn more about the philosophy behind her work. 

This also gives her a chance

to learn more about your goal(s)

so together you can decide if

hypnotherapy is a good match

for your needs.


Expert Hypnotherapy

& Coaching

Shawna works in close partnership with her clients to create a precisely tailored

plan, unique to each individual.

Calling on her extensive training, she 

employs a wide variety of techniques and in-depth session protocols to get to the heart of each of her client's 

underlying concerns.




It's important to Shawna to educate her clients so that everyone she works with has a full understanding of the concepts and techniques she uses to help them reach their goals. Among other things, this means teaching everyone she works with a set of mindfulness tools that they can draw on in the future, after their session

work is complete.

Areas of focus...

  • Insomnia/Regaining natural sleep pattern

  • Stress reduction

  • Quieting noisy mind chatter/nagging or distracting thoughts

  • Overcoming excessive worry/unwelcome thoughts

  • Freedom from smoking and other unwanted habits

  • Managing weight

  • Releasing the effects of past trauma

  • Letting go of fears, phobias and anxious feelings

  • Overcoming fear of public speaking

  • Building confidence and self-esteem

  • Improved test-taking, study focus and memory skills

  • Career performance goals

  • Athletic performance goals

  • Grief 

  • Forgiveness

  • Pain control

       (already assessed by a physician)

  • Supportive healing and symptom relief 

       (already assessed by a physician)

  • Surgery preparation and recovery

  • Women in transition

  • Spiritual Growth